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Hallucinations by metasaur

Breaking Point by Queen of Asgard

Mortality by TrainxEve-Fan12

Near to You by Queen of Asgard

Saved by Queen of Asgard

Worth Falling For by Queen of Asgard

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Hey guys and gals. As some of you already know, I recently went through surgery to get an alien (thanks Pyp) out of my abdomen. A friend of mine started up a donation page on GiveForward to try to help me with expenses. If you’re willing to donate any little bit helps. Even a kind word or a virtual hug would be appreciated. Thank you!

Nik-els And Dimes  ))

Hey guys, how about a reblog — or, heck, donation — for the fabulous mod of AskFrancisAndLouis?

"Headcanons" are a person’s ideas or opinions regarding a certain character that aren’t provided by the content source. For example, we know that in the game Ellis enjoys the Midnight Riders; a headcanon would be that he was first introduced to the Riders by his father. From the idea that hunters live in packs to the long list of things Francis probably hates that aren’t mentioned in game, we all have a headcanon or two we can share with the rest of the fandom :)

So hit up L4F’s askbox with a headcanon or two of your own - we accepted anonymous messages as well!

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I kind of shake my head sometimes at the concept that just because Nick says ‘tits’ it means he’s obsessed with them. (it makes more sense to me to at least liken it more to him being a womanizer)

I mean, he uses it as a curse, an obscenity. Listen to how he says the line, he spits the word out like it’s something vile. I don’t think many people put so much venom into saying something they are fond of.

Bonus headcanon: After his wife, Nick basically gave up on woman and though he may flirt to get favors or pull a con he holds a bit of a misogynistic bitterness towards them.

Scout vs Witch: a tale of boy meets ghoul [SFM]

hey gang,
I created this movie using Source Film Maker and the Source SDK.

some details:

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Witch cosplay by TraumaCentreGrrl